Totum brand mission is to disrupt, impact and inspire. We are a team of athletes committed to constant development and improvement of the look, durability and functionality of our clothing to impact and inspire all of our athletes across the world to keep achieving the impossible.

Totum will achieve this through being dedicated to the innovation of new products that coincide with the philosophy of being functional, durable and looking good. We will also work with our team of athletes to get our message across and inspire people across the globe through our social channels and events.


Email :  office@totum-fitness.co.uk

Instagram : totem.fitness

Throwdown Calendar

We have created a totally FREE UK-Specific Competition Calendar (listing Local, Regional and National competitions and events) for competitors, event organisers, sponsors, vendors and spectators, in order to provide and promote a one-stop-shop for everything UK Throwdown related.

Whether you’re looking to host a competition, book a venue, find vendors or photographers for an event or indeed compete in a Throwdown, you’ll find it all on the UK Throwdown Calendar.

Throwdown organisers (for example BOX owners and event promoters) simply inform us of their upcoming competitions and we’ll upload them for FREE to the Throwdown Calendar. This minimises event clashes whilst optimising competitors, vendors, sponsors and spectator attendance at their events.

We want to help strengthen the growing British competitive community.

Never Miss an Event!

Email - info@throwdowncalendar.com 

Web - www.throwdowncalendar.com


Welcome to BoxMate | NEW Online Software Platform For CrossFit Affiliates.

BoxMate organises your training, pushes you to work hard and tracks your progress as you improve daily.

Featuring separate secure areas for both administrators and members with easy to use features, BoxMate is packed full of tools that will transform the way your members track their progress, keeping them interested, engaged and on top of their training as well as making every day tasks simple for those managing the Box.

We are getting ready to launch in October with Boxes already signed up to take on the platform at launch. Contact us now to arrange a free demo at your gym so we can come and show you the amazing current features plus exciting things to come following launch! (And drop in for a WOD of course..)


Email - info@boxmateapp.co.uk

Web - www.boxmateapp.co.uk